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Intellectual outputs

IO1: SOS SCHOOL training programme for teachers, children and school personnel

The partners developed two different training courses:

  • Training course for Primary School
  • Training course for Secondary School

The training courses include the following aspects (elements of innovation):

  • Recognition of risk situations:
    • E.g. occupations that increase exposure to fire, poverty, overcrowding and lack of proper safety measures; placement of young children in household roles such as cooking and care of small children, inadequate safety measures for liquefied petroleum gas, electricity and cooking methods, car/train/bus crashes, earthquakes, floods.
  • Transform a risk situation into a safe situation.
  • Identify sources of danger and different kind of emergencies and disasters.
  • How to act, evacuate and leave in a fast manner.
  • Provide good advice in case of accidents.

IO2: A mobile and online wizard training application for emergency response training in various situations (incl. videos), and a self-assessment stress test (level of preparedness)

This output delivers integrated software which enables the training provision via the material created in IO1.

This is made available as synchronised mobile and online (SCORM compliant) applications. The mobile app is integrated so that that content within the mobile application, high-quality images, pictures, etc. can be managed via the online platform, ensuring easy content customisation and update of the mobile app.

Checklists are provided so that carers can perform a self-assessment stress test (level of preparedness which is an element of innovation).

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