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Aims and objectives

  • Improve the social and civic skills of young children, their teachers and their families in:
    • Identifying sources of danger
    • Transforming a risk situation into a safe situation
    • Recognizing risk situations
    • How to act, evacuate and leave in a fast manner
    • Providing good advice in case of accidents
  • Provide opportunities for schools to open up to their local community, its local organisations and work together with them in the implementation of the SOS school programme
  • Bring external stakeholders to the school establishments so that they also contribute to bringing up the future generation of responsible Europeans
  • Empower young children so that they feel more confident and responsible towards the society where they live
  • Facilitate the integration of students from communities at risk of exclusion by providing them with the skills and tools that they need to live in a secured environment
  • Make the school environment more attractive and avoid early school drop outs
  • Create an informal network of schools that will exchange experiences, teaching and learning methods and good practices that will continue to exist once the EU funding is over.

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